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Last updated: 9 March 2016
  The beginnings
Colombian musician Orlando Rincon Padilla founded Latin Touch Entertainments in London back in 1990 and grew its clientele at grass roots level by working in bars, restaurants and a variety of private events all over London. Orlando created various music groups specialising in Latin American genres such as salsa, merengue and Mexican mariachi to quench the thirst of Latin music for the wide British audience. Realising the potential of spreading Latin Music all over the UK, Orlando upon retiring handed over the reins of Latin Touch to fellow musician Luis Albeiro Cardona Aguirre in January 2011 to develop the brand further and expand its offering to a now multi-cultural Great Britain.

  Who are we now?

Now with Luis Albeiro in the helm, we have become one of the U.K's most trusted and well-known music agencies specializing in Latin American Music. LTE has ever-growing pool of U.K and internationally based professional artists who are carefully selected for quality, authenticity and reliability. Our clients are as varied as our musicians and include Prince Charles and other members of the Royal family, Latin American embassies, airlines and other companies and private individuals from all walks of life.

  What can we do for you?
• We can analyze your individual entertainment needs and supply you with audio or visual cassettes, band biographies and photos to assist you with your selection (with, of course no obligation).
• We can provide Jazz and Latin Jazz groups, Pop and Rock groups and a variety of other entertainments as well as Latin American acts.
• We will endeavour to inform you of where and when our bands are playing publicly so that you can make a thoroughly informed decision.
• We can provide acts for any type of event, anywhere in the world at any time.
• We can guarantee competitive prices and cater for all budgets.
• We can guarantee that your act will arrive to the specified location at the specified time.
• We can arrange or advise you on all technical and production matters.