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  Artist UK
Latintouch Entertainments has a large variety of artists in the UK available for weddings, receptions, parties, concerts and other events.

  International artists
We have helped our clients bring the international artists to perform in the UK.

  Legal procedures
We take care of all the legal paperwork for the necessary licenses, work permits and visas for the international artists who come from abroad to perform in the UK.

  Travel / Accommodation
All airline travel and transport to and from airports, hotels and gigs is also arranged by us. We make sure your artist arrives in plenty of time to perform. A schedule is carefully  planned so that there is time for sound checks and setting up. We also make sure the artists have enough rest after their long flight. We use only the most comfortable and  economic accommodation.

  Promotion and publicity

So you have booked your artist. What now? Well you still need to promote your event. We have professionals  that can design posters, flyers, magazine/ newspaper publicity. We  also make sure that your publicity material is printed by top quality printers.

Latin Touch Entertainments is now in its sixth year operating as the leading agency for Latin American Music. During this time our services have been very successful and we have been engaged by many well known people including members of the royal family; musicians George Harrison, Elton John and Eric Clapton; and TV and film stars Joan Collins, Anthony Quinn and Roger Moore.

We feel sure that we can provide just the right blend of music and dance for any occasion. From a solo flamenco guitarist to a ten piece Mariachi Orchestra; a solitary harpist playing romantic Paraguayan melodies to a full Andean folk group; traditional Latin music to the latest hot salsa rhythms ...... we can do it!